Nantrade Token
The future of arbitrage and BOT trading:

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About Us?

Nantrade Tokenomics are based on a finite supply of 80,000,000 tokens, all of which will be circulating never to be burnt or minted again. This gives Nantrade scarcity and creates value as it becomes rarer over the long term. Creating Nantrade with a finite supply made it so the staking pool would never dilute-out early stakers by inflation or under-reward later stakers due to deflation. This makes for a fair staking system.
by a network of communicating nodes running cryptocurrency software.

NAN AI trading bot is Japan’s first next-generation trading service that applies the latest financial trading techniques to cryptocurrency trading.

The most distinctive feature is the application of 25 years of know-how of securities career developers to cryptocurrency trading and the application of the 'artificial intelligence automatic trading system', which has been technically verified.

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Big Partnerships


How it works

The NAN platform is an auto arbitrage BOT Algorithm. It is an essential solution for anyone who wants to make money from cryptocurrency trading. You can use the automated trading bot to customize your trading and experience the trading service for your own automatic trading through API without accessing the exchange.

The blockchain smart contract NAN token based on non-face-to-face trust allows anyone to access the platform service anytime, anywhere, regardless of national border. In order to become a global service, we plan to provide various languages such as English, Korean, and Japanese. Activities on the platform are based on mutual trust and belief. Using our token API provider, we are able to deliver a token that links together large centralized exchanges like Binance, Hotbit and others into one easy-to-use token trade interface. This gives users the benefits of using multiple exchanges without any complexity.

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A platform to reliably and automatically trade with a few clicks


NanTrade gives you community perks, smart contracts, payments, rewards, investment and more.

Decentralized Platform

The system Self-sufficient and autonomous allowing holders full control of their digital assets without the need of any intermediary.


The security is assured with Ethereum blockchain ledger alleviating risk to investors.


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Phase 1

    Build the infrastructure of the Nantrade token ecosystem, Website Launch, 100+ Holders, 1M in Locked Liquidity, $10M Market Cap.

  • Phase 2

    Coinmarketcap Listing, CoinGecko Listing, 500+ Holders, $80M Market Cap, 5M Locked Liquidity.

  • Phase 3

    CEX listing New Website Launch Publish the whitepaper, Presale, $90M Market Cap, 10M Locked Liquidity, Launch Trading-Bot

  • Phase 4

    Nantrade swap, 500M Market Cap, Security- Audit (Certik), Governance, Charity Programs

  • Phase 5

    Binance Listing, 1B Market Cap+, 100M Locked Liquidity+, Expand Nantrade Token, Ecosystem, Optimize Holders – Reward Program, Communty Contests, Community Growth, NanTrade exchange

Token Distribution

The Nantrade token presale will be held for users to obtain Nantrade tokens early while generating funds for future development and providing liquidity.

Token Sale50%
Angel Investors10%

We provide our token API to the public absolutely free.

This includes our default token UI that is easily integratable into any exchange or websites in just a few minutes.

Token Details

  • Name:     NanTrade
  • Symbol:  NAN
  • Decimal: 18
  • Supply:   80,000,000 NAN
  • Contract Address: 0xb393cd041afc1aca4c380c663793fe2c7b8a0212


The Distribution of NanTrade Token will be based of the time of participating in the ongoing presale, the earlier the participation the greater chance your investment increases

Pre saleWhitepaperNAN EXGiveawayCoinmarketcapAudit


Park Hoon

Founder & CEO
  • Developer & DeFi liquidity Provider
  • Early Ethereum adopter and proponent
  • Over 7 years in crypto arbitrage trading
  • Masters degree in Economics

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